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Turbo Polyblade
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Turbo Polyblade

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urethane impellerThe POLYBLADE – NORBLADE is a dispersing blade that can make a difference. It will instantly remove a safety hazard from your plant. Unlike steel blades it won't get sharp but it will still give you and excellent dispersion.

This blade is offered RISK FREE. You can exchange the blade for a metal blade if after 30 days you are not satisfied with its performance. Any difference in cost will be refunded with the exception of the freight and drilling charges.

Turbo Polyblade with Embedded Plate

The Turbo Polyblade has been modified to impart a more aggressive dispersing action. Replaceable high shear pegs without steel studs are molded or fabricated into the blade. The blade is available in the same materials as the standard Polyblade starting at 3” diameter and larger.

The Polyurethane Polyblade is now available with an embedded dynamically balanced steel plate.

Turbo Polyblade with Embedded Plate: click for more information

In addition to safety, you will gain other benefits from using the Polyblade and Turbo Polyblade:


  • Outlasts a metal blade up to 20 times
  • Has no teeth that will bend and deform
  • Cannot bow or bend
  • Safer and easier to clean
  • Will not chew up items that fall into the batch
  • Can't be put on backwards
  • Can be turned over for extended life after the initial side is worn


  • Lower heat in most cases
  • Blade design for creating higher heat is available
  • Faster batch times in most cases due to improve batch turnover time
  • Gentle on metal flake pigments
  • Efficiently incorporates light weight additives
  • Effectively lifts and disperses heavy settling additives
  • Excellent mixing in the slow speed range

There are less expensive plastic blades available. Based upon in plant trials, the patented scoop design makes the difference between an adequate blade and a high performance blade. If it doesn't have 9 scoops on each side then it's not the Polyblade.

How can it possibly work better than metal blades with teeth?

The teeth are there to promote axial flow, not grind. When spinning at high speeds these teeth create a wall around the flat surface or shear zone of the blade forming a barrier that slows the speed of the liquid as it turns axially and flow up the side wall of the tank which is the main shear zone. The teeth absorb some of the energy which is why they can wear. They can also bend and break which further inhibits shear from occurring. The Norblade is designed with an end to end radial scoop that propels the liquid as it leaves the flat surface of the blade thus increasing velocity and promoting shear. The pumping power is so efficient that the blade is able to effective move the liquid at slower speeds during the powder additions. The improved process time for incorporation of powders significantly cuts down on overall batch time.

Most of the major coatings companies in the US are using the Polyblade for safety, improved production times or abrasion resistance. It may sound too good to be true. Sometimes it is. Most times it isn't. Give us a call. We'd like to get you started on your trial.

  • Materials: Urethane, Anti-Static & Standard Polyethylene, Nylon, PTFE, Polypropylene
  • Temperature limitations based upon polymer, 160-450 degrees F
  • Chemical resistance based upon polymer chosen
  • Stiffening plates required to cover bolt holes
  • Pin holes required in addition to center bore
  • Effective at tip speeds as low as 3700 fpm
  • Effective at tank diameters as low as 25%
  • Minimum of 1-1.5 blade diameters off the bottom of the tank

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